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Referenz: Henrich Baustoffzentrum

Henrich Baustoffzentrum

What do our 400 employees need to be able to work to the best of their abilities? That is the crucial question for the Henrich Baustoffzentrum. TA Triumph-Adler has been providing answers since 2004. That was when TA Triumph-Adler started looking after Henrich's head office in Siegburg and the eleven branches that have since been opened. “We can already look back on three joint rollouts,” says Stefan Drewing, the IT project manager responsible for printing systems at Henrich Baustoffzentrum. “The systems are completely replaced on a regular basis because they are subject to a lot of wear and tear, which means we always have the latest models available.”

Henrich deals in building materials and its customers have high expectations. “What might have taken a day ten years ago has to happen immediately today,” Drewing tells us. Delays due to broken office printers make for angry customers - and annoyed employees. “But if a problem does arise, a service technician from TA Triumph-Adler is ready to help in less than 24 hours,” says Drewing. “Being able to rely on that is extremely convenient.”
“It all just runs so smoothly”
Still better is if the problem doesn't arise in the first place. TA Cockpit®, the electronic control centre developed by TA Triumph-Adler, can help with this. It monitors all the office printers in the networked printer fleet at each of Henrich's sites. TA Cockpit® therefore ensures maximum cost transparency. It is always clear to see how much printing is going on where. TA Cockpit® orders more toner as soon as a machine runs out. The order is shipped automatically to the correct branch address. “That's why I don't need to look at the programme very often,” Drewing admits, “it all just runs so smoothly.”

The merchandise management system also runs seamlessly. Henrich worked with TA Triumph-Adler to streamline the process to make sure that jobs can be printed in different places and on different types of paper.

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