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From laser to inkjet – FP DBS makes the switch with TA Triumph-Adler

FP Digital Business Solutions GmbH in Berlin relies for its production printing on the excellent performance of the TA Pro 15050c inkjet printing system and the support services provided by TA Triumph-Adler.
FP Digital Business Solutions GmbH and partner TA Triumph-Adler GmbH

The starting point

In its capacity as the digital arm of the global Francotyp-Postalia Group, FP Digital Business Solutions GmbH has been offering its customers a wide range of digital products for over 20 years. “We are experts in making office and working life easier and more efficient. We use innovative solutions to improve our customers’ business processes. This includes solutions for document workflow management, business process management & automation – such as electronic signing and electronic legal transactions – as well as dispatch management & logistics,” explains Managing Director Stephan Vanberg. Millions of documents are processed every year in the fields of input and output management. “We focus on the needs of our medium-sized customers and are very individual in the way we work. In order to achieve this, we need a modern infrastructure that incorporates high-performance printing systems, streamlined processes and a high level of IT security. At the same time, we aim to offer the highest possible capacity at the best possible quality at the lowest possible cost. We also wanted to make a strategic move into white paper production. To do this, we needed a dependable partner and a reliable service,” says Stephan Vanberg.

The solution

FP Digital Business Solutions GmbH has been using the TA Pro 15050c high-performance inkjet printing system developed by TA Triumph-Adler since November 2021. The quality, performance and efficiency were compelling – the second machine was delivered just three months later. “Our fleet of machines was put to the test. We looked at many different systems from all over Germany and asked ourselves how we wanted to position ourselves in the future. Do we want to stick with single-sheet printing? Should we continue to rely on laser technology for colour printing? Or would an inkjet solution be better after all? What exactly do we need in order to remain competitive for our customers, including in terms of sustainability?” summarises Head of Operations Khodor Bacharouch. After constructive talks with TA Triumph-Adler, we reached a final decision in favour of inkjet technology. Khodor Bacharouch and Michael Pommer, Head of Production Technology, were able to see the TA Pro 15050c for themselves in the showroom in Frankfurt. “We were impressed by the inkjet system and the overall package from TA Triumph-Adler. We were looking for a steady output with consistently high quality and good enveloping options for our print products. Straightforward integration into our workflows, user-friendliness, fast delivery and, above all, excellent service were also key factors in our decision,” says Bacharouch. The TA Pro 15050c can handle a monthly page volume of one million pages, which equates to more than 150 pages per minute. Bacharouch is sure of one thing: “Our meticulous assessment process prior to making the final decision paid off. The system provides the necessary flexibility for handling daily orders and the system’s performance capacity can cope with our peak times. By using the innovative production printing system from TA Triumph-Adler, we can guarantee high quality and reliability for our customers and map our processes perfectly.”

The result

“We would definitely recommend the TA Pro 15050c and working with TA. The switch was certainly worth it. It is admirable that TA Triumph-Adler is able to provide such a high quality of service in colour printing as it does,” declares Stephan Vanberg. Another goal that has been fulfilled is that of consolidating the printer fleet. Khodor Bacharouch is satisfied: “The idea of using fewer machines with the same capacity was a winner. Today, we are at the cutting edge in terms of equipment and software. This gives us a strong position in the market.” This also has an impact on sustainability. “By working with TA Triumph-Adler and adopting a white paper strategy, we have been able to minimise our footprint. We save costs on transport routes and storage. In the future, there is much to be said in favour of linking input and output management using the newly installed hardware and software technologies. And we believe we are now well positioned in this respect,” says Vanberg, summarising his outlook.
„The paperless office is coming – we are investing to ensure we are fit for the future. The TA Pro 15050c fulfils our requirements 100 percent.“
Stephan Vanberg, Managing Director of FP Digital Business Solutions GmbH

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