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TA Zeitblick

TA Zeitblick simplifies the recording of working times. As soon as the software is installed in the multifunction printer, every employee can reliably record the start and end of their working hours - almost in passing. And if it should not be the office printer: TA Zeitblick works just as easily at the PC workstation or via smartphone app.

The slim time recording solution is tailored to the essential needs of your company. Working times are conveniently recorded and evaluated digitally, so that personnel effort is reduced to a minimum. In addition, you can be sure that you act in compliance with the law and always have an accurate overview of your employees' working hours. At the same time, TA Zeitblick allows companies to decide for themselves how their employees record their working hours.
The login and logout at the multifunction printer, MFP for short, is quick to implement - no IT hardware is required for this. Moreover, it is possible to log on and off at the PC workstation via the employee portal or via the mobile app. The optional RFID terminals are just as uncomplicated and secure: simply register the device in the system and employees can log in using an RFID card or token. The data transfer is encrypted via a cloud.

The benefits of TA Zeitblick
  • Accurate: Real-time data collection and viewing of attendance and working hours
  • Flexible: logins via smartphone or online interface
  • Compatible: Easy login via our multifunction printers, optionally an RFID terminal can be set up as a complementary solution
  • Secure: Central encryption and storage of times in the cloud
Would you like to learn more about TA Zeitblick as a slim, fast and efficient solution for time recording?

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