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TA Triumph-Adler's SolutionPacks are compact package solutions that are equipped with all the important core functions for specific workflows and are easy to operate. They offer a quick and straightforward introduction to digital processes.

The benefits of using TA SolutionPacks

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Significant savings in time and costs though professional document management
  • Reliable security measures for handling sensitive data
  • Processes can be adapted to suit individual needs

TA Triumph-Adler offers five different SolutionPacks, each of which can be tailored to your specific needs. One thing is guaranteed: every TA SolutionPack immediately boosts efficiency in your company.

TA EasyPack

Getting started with digital processes is effortless with the TA EasyPack. Simply install the software and off you go! At the heart of this software is the Follow2Print system. It activates print jobs only once an authorised member of staff has verified their identity at the MFP. This increases security and has two further advantages: Employees can collect documents in a digital box and print them all at once - on the MFP of their choice.

The benefits for you

  • Time savings thanks to faster document flow and better usability
  • Save time and money by dispensing with high-maintenance server solutions
  • Easy installation with no separate hardware or additional printer driver required
  • A high degree of flexibility through Follow2Print: documents can be retrieved from any output system on your network
  • Improved security by means of person-specific and protected document printouts

TA ScanPack

Paper gets in the way of digital processes, which is why we introduced the TA ScanPack. Turn your paper documents into Word, Excel or PDF files with a view to editing and archiving them in digital form. Texts are automatically converted using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and sorted into specified folders. You can easily retrieve digitised documents with just a few keywords, edit them as needed and forward them to their destination, whether that be your printer or as a fax, email attachment or file on the network.

The benefits for you

  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Individually defined, user-dependent filing structure
  • Fast and straightforward document search
  • Simplified processes and reduced error rate when scanning, processing and distributing documents

TA ScanPack for Legal

The legal sector in Germany is going digital, not least through the electronic lawyer's mailbox, beA. For the sake of efficiency, it is becoming indispensable to switch to digital processes. This requires scanning documents to have them available in digital form. The TA ScanPack for Legal is prepared for exactly this situation in that it stores documents in the client folder immediately after scanning. One keyword is all it takes to make them instantly accessible again. Since the client documents are tagged with keywords, this also puts an end to searching through archives. Needless to say, the TA ScanPack for Legal also guarantees data security, in other words, that sensitive client data is handled responsibly.

The benefits for you

  • Scan documents straightforwardly into the client folders of your law firm software
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Customisable user interface with your most frequently used workflows
  • Fast and straightforward document search
  • Simplified processes and reduced error rate when scanning, processing and distributing at the MFP

TA ProductivityPack

Queues at the printer? Bottlenecks to use the scanner? These are a thing of the past thanks to the TA ProductivityPack. This solution allows you to retrieve your print jobs by entering a pin code, for example, from any output system of your choice, whether it is in the room next door, on another floor or even in the office in another city. Thanks to our modern Follow2Print system, you can send your print jobs directly to a central spooler and then - once you have successfully verified your identity - retrieve them at any output system. And when we say “any”, we really do mean it.

The benefits for you

  • Increased productivity when printing, scanning and finishing
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to Follow2Print as well as individual authorisation assignments and scan menus
  • Greater overview of the entire workflow, for example through direct order assignment to specific customer and project accounts
  • Processes adapted to the day-to-day business ensure efficiency
  • Fewer sources of error during processing

TA SecurityPack

The printer's output tray used to be a treasure trove, with no control over who looked at the printouts. The TA SecurityPack changes that by encrypting data that is sent and only allowing it to be printed out once a user has authenticated their identity on the system. Furthermore, the TA SecurityPack offers an intelligent 3-way security standard that automatically overwrites data stored on the MFP hard disk multiple times, making it virtually impossible to recover. What’s more, thanks to Follow2Print, printouts can be collected from any end device in the network.

The benefits for you

  • All in one: all security-related processes are taken into account during transmission of your print data.
  • Copies and scans are protected from unauthorised access, which is important in public authorities or places with public access, for example
  • More flexibility in granting permissions: who is allowed to do what (for example, print in colour)?
  • Greater transparency thanks to direct cost centre allocations of your print jobs

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