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ISO 14001 for the environmental management system

Taking responsibility is part of our corporate DNA: as TA Triumph-Adler, we have helped shape Germany's industrial history with a passionate pioneering spirit. From the very beginning, we have developed our products on the basis of a stable foundation of values. One of the most important values still applies today: responsibility. For the environment - and for our own thoughts and actions.

Supporting the environment in its natural balance and protecting it from negative influences is one of the most important challenges of our time. We dedicate ourselves to this goal with corporate commitment and high standards for ourselves. We are very proud that TA Triumph-Adler has been living up to this responsibility for many years.

Our efforts are not least reflected in the successful certification of our environmental management system according to ISO 14001, with which we continue to work on improving our environmental performance. The road is far from over. New technologies will open up new opportunities for us to conserve natural resources even more effectively. As an experienced designer of environmentally conscious processes, products and services, we will continue to lead the way

Accepting responsibility

Responsibility always starts with yourself. That is why we continuously promote environmental awareness among our employees. We see the environment as an integral part of our integrated management system, which includes the entire value chain. Our products and services are also representative of responsible action: we often not only fulfil legal and environmentally relevant requirements, but even exceed them - thanks to constant monitoring and a firm commitment to continuous development.

Within the company, our environmental management officer monitors all implemented and future measures and pushes them forward. On the other hand, all systems for our customers are geared to the responsible use of resources down to the last detail.

See for yourself what ecological contribution we can make together.

Consistent registration according to REACH

The European chemicals regulation REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) regulates the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals and thus ensures a high degree of transparency. Within the framework of this regulation, we naturally fulfil our obligation as a downstream user to identify and pass on information.

Environmentally friendly packaging

We pack our products in "smart" boxes to avoid using materials such as polystyrene and other fillers. All the materials we use are recyclable, for example our transport pallets, which are mostly made of carton.

Energy manager in TA Cockpit® Green

TA Cockpit® Green gives customers a perfect overview of their print systems. A special, optional function: the energy manager. It provides important setting advice for the energy-efficient use of the printer fleet.

Intelligent paper and consumption management

Our systems process all normal and recycled paper according to DIN EN 12281. Most of the paper can also be used on both sides - an extremely effective contribution to environmental protection. Our IOM (Intelligent Order Management) also offers customers a demand-oriented and fully automatic supply of consumables. Reorders are placed exactly when they are needed: This minimises logistical effort and also benefits the environment.

Avoidance of emissions and noise

Some of our products are considerably below the specified emission limits - both in the ozone and dust emission range as well as in the styrene emission range. Due to the numerous advantages for people and the environment, almost all of our systems have been awarded the Blue Angel. Low noise levels are also "typical TA" and standard with us.

Excellent energy consumption

Almost every one of our products fulfils the requirements of the "Energy Star" label. This means that the energy consumption of the award-winning systems meets all the requirements of the energy-saving programme in force in the USA and the European Union in idle mode.

Keeping an eye on the environment: Vehicle fleet and operational control

Our Car Policy also follows the high standards of our environmental awareness: When purchasing, we pay attention to clearly defined engine limits and the latest technical standards. In addition, thanks to an automated logistics system, our technicians are deployed in a route-optimised and resource-saving manner. Best of all: our remote service even makes many trips completely unnecessary.

Long life as resource conservation

In the manufacture of our products, our environmental philosophy extends to their entire life cycle. By using our patented ceramic drum technology, our systems are particularly long-lasting - this avoids frequent new purchases and thus the consumption of resources in production.

Toner with confirmed environmental compatibility

For environmentally friendly disposal, we offer our customers our own toner take-back system, taking the work out of the process. In addition, all toner types are matched to the specific requirements of our systems, so their proper use is completely harmless. This is regularly confirmed by recognised laboratories in test procedures.

Recycling as a corporate principle

Our business unit for specialist trade sales UTAX is one of the founders of ear (stiftung elektro-altgeräte register), which coordinates the free disposal of electronic waste by manufacturers. It goes without saying that TA Triumph-Adler systems are professionally returned to us.

TA ReLife - the refurbishment programme

TA Triumph-Adler takes back printers, copiers, MFPs and fax machines, for example from expiring leasing contracts, and carries out a quality-assured overhaul and repair. The systems are then offered as a cost-effective alternative to new goods. This is doubly smart, because it also reduces electronic waste.

Ecology-conscious partners

TA Triumph-Adler works with partners who have also anchored environmentally friendly behaviour in their core values. We attach particular importance to ensuring that suppliers meet this criterion.