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ISO 9001 for the integrated management system

Leadership and corporate culture play an important role for TA Triumph-Adler GmbH and its companies as success factors for the future. We believe that value-oriented corporate management not only reflects our social responsibility, but also provides customers with orientation about their business partner TA Triumph-Adler and helps employees in particular to see meaning in their work. In this regard, our corporate culture is subject to a continuous process of adaptation and - where necessary - improvement.

1. Market and competition

Our market is the document business. We are the market leader in Germany. We want to expand this market position and grow faster than our competitors. We achieve this goal through organic growth, acquisitions and regional expansion.

2. Customers

Our customers are the focus of our services. We offer them comprehensive document solutions. We provide our services with the highest level of professionalism, especially with regard to quality and reliability. Our prices are fair and reasonable.

3. Profitability

We do not want to measure ourselves against the average, nor do we want to be guided by it. We want to set the benchmarks and become the most profitable company in our market.

4. Secure jobs

Growth and profitability are not an end in themselves. They serve in particular to secure existing jobs and to create new jobs and opportunities for advancement.

5. Employees

We achieve our goals on the basis of highly motivated and qualified employees. We demand a high level of performance and encourage our employees to achieve it. Top performance is rewarded and it is fun to work for us. Leaders exemplify our vision, mission and values.

6. Innovation and processes

Our key factors for above-average growth and high profitability are innovation and efficient, reliable business processes. With our innovations in the solutions business, we are always one step ahead of our competitors. We achieve the efficiency and reliability of our business processes through continuous improvement. Being good is not enough for us.

7. Transparency

We have clear goals, transform them into detailed measures and implement them consistently. Since you can only improve what you also measure, we ensure a high level of transparency down to the last detail through a variety of key figures. Comprehensive internal communication across all levels ensures the most uniform level of information possible. Our external communication is exemplary.

8. Interaction

We interact openly and honestly with each other, respect the other person and his or her opinion, and do not take sides. We do not hide mistakes and weaknesses. We tolerate mistakes and want to learn from them and improve. Constructive criticism helps us, we reject destructive criticism.

9. Business partners

We are highly reliable and fair in our cooperation with our business partners. We demand a high level of performance from our partners and, conversely, we are also prepared to make high demands of ourselves.

10. Environment and society

We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and society and align our actions to meet this responsibility. Saving energy is an issue for everyone - every day.