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Managed workplaces

Digital processes are becoming the norm in offices. More than two thirds of companies now use DMS solutions or ECM systems to edit, store and archive digital documents with defined workflows. The number is increasing rapidly because during the recent coronavirus lockdowns it became clear just how inefficient companies are without digital workflows. It must also be possible to access data seamlessly when working from home. This is why companies are turning to TA Triumph-Adler to set up digital workplaces for their employees as quickly as possible - so that they can also work easily from their desks at home.

In a narrower sense, the term digital workplace refers to a central digital work platform; in a broader sense, digital workplaces encompass everything that enables access to the digital world from one's own workplace. On the basis of this understanding, TA Triumph-Adler offers to equip each workplace in such a way that each employee can perform their specific tasks efficiently. We offer the appropriate IT hardware as well as the associated IT services, such as provisioning, configuration, monitoring and support. On top of that comes the desired software. TA Triumph-Adler can also provide support and maintenance for the new software if desired.

The next step: managed workplaces

The concept of managed workplaces goes one step further, because it is even possible to hand over all of the administration for each individual workstation to TA Triumph-Adler. This involves coordinating and controlling all products and processes as a whole. TA Triumph-Adler ensures that every piece of required software and hardware is available to the customer. We are familiar with the systems, the environment in the company as well as the workplaces themselves, and thanks to our experience, we can usually solve typical problems very quickly. Our package comprises:
  • Provision of modern hardware and software
  • Installation and removal of IT workstations
  • Updates, upgrades and IT system migrations
  • Uninstalling systems and
  • Various modules from hardware rollout to disposal
The benefits of managed services are clear for all to see:
  • Greater transparency: the IT costs of each workplace can be assigned to the individual departments, areas and cost centres.
  • More breathing space: the in-house IT department can concentrate on strategic tasks.
  • Fewer risks: the risk of a complete breakdown or an IT security incident is minimised.
  • Reduced complexity: standardised IT workplaces ensure streamlined and accelerated processes.
  • Better infrastructure: A secure and scalable workplace infrastructure is established.
Each service package is individually tailored to meet the respective requirements. Managed workplaces therefore relieve the burden on the in-house IT department – if a problem arises, TA Triumph-Adler is ready to help immediately in its capacity as a service provider. This is not the only advantage for companies whose IT departments can focus on value-adding tasks. Using managed workplaces keeps them up to date in terms of IT technology, allowing employees to work efficiently no matter where they are. After all, this is the new norm.

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