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Design and efficiency - the 25hours Hotel Company turns to TA Triumph-Adler

The 25hours Hotel Company is a designer hotel chain based in Hamburg's Hafencity. The company has been relying on TA Triumph-Adler printing systems since 2020. Why? Because bespoke hospitality and perfect service also need to be backed up by excellent printing processes. This ensures that staff in the hotels can work smoothly and efficiently.

The guiding principle behind 25hours Hotels is telling unique stories. The company was founded in 2005 with its first hotel in Hamburg, and today the chain comprises 13 hotels in four countries. Guests love the hotels for their relaxed hospitality and unique design. For a long time, no attention was paid to the strategic direction of the company's printing equipment. “A complex array of equipment had therefore been acquired, with different systems from different providers and different runtimes and costs,” says Dominic Papenheim, Project Manager Technology in Hamburg. “We worked with TA Triumph-Adler to identify the potential for improvements in order to ensure greater efficiency, transparency and cost reduction with a new range of printers.

Under the microscope: every hotel and every device

TA Triumph-Adler took a close look at all the hotels in the chain. As part of an MDS analysis, each device location in the hotels in Germany and Austria was examined and the demand on that device was recorded on site. “This involved taking an inventory in 13 hotels and two administrative buildings located in cities ranging from Hamburg to Vienna,” explains Philipp Brusendorff, Sales Manager at TA Triumph-Adler. Next, a technical and commercial evaluation was carried out. “The evaluation showed that the actual costs were far too high,” Brusendorff says. TA Triumph-Adler drew up a proposal for a streamlined system landscape with fewer devices and the same functionality through a combination of the web-based control centre TA Cockpit® and the Follow2Print solution aQrate. This was followed by a test phase with multifunction devices supplied by TA Triumph-Adler and the decision quickly became clear: TA Triumph-Adler was awarded the contract for the partnership.

Costs reduced by 30%, efficiency increased - targets achieved

The first step was to reduce the 62 machines previously in use - printers, copiers and multifunction devices - to 51 multifunction systems. “Our employees can fetch their printouts at any printer using a pin code thanks to aQrate's Follow2Print feature. This means that we print less and can also guarantee data privacy,” explains Dominic Papenheim. Using these new multifunction devices also resulted in a considerable reduction in costs: 25hours hotels' running expenses have been reduced by 30%. “With TA Cockpit®, ordering toner and consumables is now automatic, so we no longer need to carry stock and can see the status of every device at a glance.” The speed of the turnaround likewise impressed this experienced IT specialist: “The systems were replaced in less than a week. The products are running smoothly, I am hearing very positive feedback from the staff. That's how IT should be - simple and effective,” Papenheim sums up.

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