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ETL Rechtsanwälte

The law and digitisation were not a match made in heaven. Written guarantees and therefore paper are too important, if only to ensure the legal security of documents. At the same time, however, lawyers also complain about how unnecessarily time-consuming it is to work with paper files. In other words, it may yet be possible to reconcile the law and digitisation. “We wanted to get away from the paper files that dominated our everyday work,” Alexander Streibhardt explains. “We were looking for software that would allow us to digitise files and make it easy to search for and transfer passages of text.” Streibhardt is a lawyer specialising in traffic law in Gera, Thuringia. His law firm is part of the nationwide network called ETL Rechtsanwälte, comprising 200 lawyers that offer legal expertise in a total of 30 branches of law.
Paper files? Digitised in a flash
In Gera, TA Triumph-Adler analysed the workflow processes, clarified individual requirements and then introduced TA ScanPack for Legal at the law firm's office. Devices were set up at each workstation for scanning, faxing and printing. Documents are scanned and filed directly into the digital client mailbox. Data privacy - a basic requirement at ETL Rechtsanwälte - is guaranteed at all times.
At any rate, they no longer need fax machines in Gera - that is now taken care of by the multifunction printers. These MFPs have little in common with their predecessors, the office printers. They can still print and copy, but it is their extra features that make them indispensable in today's office. Faxing is one of the jobs MFPs readily take on these days. There is no need for costly installations or complex interventions in the IT infrastructure – Simply connect the separate IPTAM box to the network for the TA fax server - and that's it!
From email to fax to PDF
Emails are automatically converted into fax format before the document is sent. Conversely, incoming faxes can be printed, saved or forwarded by email at the MFP. They are converted into PDFs and sent to configurable email inboxes.

"The work processes have become highly efficient and all those thick client files have disappeared," the lawyer Streibhardt reports happily. His office is saving around €10,000 a year in postal and telecommunication costs. What's more, since finding has replaced searching, he has also been able to save on human resources.

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