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Nord-Ostsee Automobile moves into the fast lane with TA Triumph-Adler

At Nord-Ostsee Automobile, it is not only under the bonnet of its vehicles that innovation and technology are to be found. With 15 branches and over 1,000 employees, the company is one of the leading automotive dealership groups in Germany and has entrusted the digitisation of its business processes to TA Triumph-Adler.
Nord-Ostsee Automobile: a company with deep roots
The long-established company specialising in Mercedes-Benz, AMG, smart and Hyundai opted for a clear path towards digitisation in 2017. The first step was to streamline the company's complex range of equipment, followed by developing and implementing an innovative digitisation strategy - from the IT infrastructure to document management. “We were looking for a kind of 'general contractor' who would guide us professionally along our path to digitisation, develop new solutions and also work with different partners as required. That's exactly what we found in TA Triumph-Adler,” says Jörn Sander, Head of Organisation & Parts Sales at Nord-Ostsee Automobile. 
A complete redesign: from the range of equipment to the personnel file
First of all, the range of equipment had to be improved across all the branches. TA Triumph-Adler carried out an MDS analysis at each branch, reconfigured 200 systems on site and installed TA Cockpit®, the asset and system management system, as well as the Follow2Print solution aQrate. TA Cockpit® automatically orders toner and consumables, for example, eliminating the need for stocks of spares, and allows users to keep track of the status of all devices at a glance. This was followed by setting up a high-performance IT infrastructure with a CITRIX access concept that had to meet the system requirements of the planned dealer management system. Next, the archives of 13 branch archives with a total of 560,000 job tickets were centralised and digitised, and the archiving and document management system DOCUMENTS4WORK was installed.

DOCUMENTS4WORK is now the linchpin of the company's internal processes. “As part of the comprehensive digitisation strategy, we have, for example, digitised our personnel file, application management, invoice receipt workflow and the vehicle and sales file for every vehicle division. Workshop orders now also run on DOCUMENTS4WORK,” reports Erik Grochowski, Sales Manager at TA Triumph-Adler. Even incoming mail is now being digitised: incoming mail is scanned in the morning by an external partner and lands in the company's electronic inbox. 
More efficiency and productivity with speed
“TA Triumph-Adler sets up processes very professionally from the outset, holding workshops in which the current situation is analysed and the target situation is designed. That is when solutions are found. Thanks to our provider’s large number of partners, we always get an all-round solution from a single source. This means we have just the one contact person and the response times are extremely short if we have any queries,” explains Sander. Centralised archiving has also made things easier. “In the past, invoices were sent from Husum or Heide across Schleswig-Holstein due to our decentralised structure, but now it takes just one click and all we have to do is enter the order number. We get all-round solutions from TA Triumph-Adler that are as innovative as they are pragmatic and deliver major gains in production and efficiency for us.”

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