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Referenz: Bürofläche der Sedus Stoll AG

Sedus Stoll

A printer at every workstation? An outdated idea! They understand that at Sedus Stoll. In its 150-year history, the company has regularly set standards for office furnishings and workplace designs. The design of the new offices at the company's headquarters in Dogern is appropriately modern. The spaces are divided into work and rest zones, and there are central printing stations. “Due to data protection requirements, we needed a plan that offered a secure FollowMePrinting solution across all our premises,” explains Frank Fiebiger, Head of Information Technology at Sedus Stoll. TA Triumph-Adler was able to deliver that plan.

The experts from TA Triumph-Adler carried out an MDS analysis at the two Sedus Stoll production sites to find out which printers were installed where and how they were used. From this they derived a strategy on how to improve the situation. “I was sceptical at first, because our previous partner had not found a convincing FollowMePrinting solution using SAP,” says IT manager Fiebiger. The solution proposed by TA Triumph-Adler convinced him.

Fewer printers, lower consumption costs

The new plan reduces the number of office printers from 187 to 143. This printer fleet is coordinated across all of the company's premises by the electronic control centre TA Cockpit®. This gives the Fiebiger team an overview of all the devices at all times. The special highlight is the FollowMePrinting solution aQrate, which bills print jobs on a user-by-user basis and securely prints sensitive documents using chip and pin. Data privacy is guaranteed as not a single page is printed until the employee has authenticated themselves at the output device. “The solution provided by TA Triumph-Adler is worlds better than anything we had before,” says IT Manager Fiebiger.

Sedus Stoll is making double the savings thanks to the reduced printer fleet as well as the massive reduction in consumption costs. Print jobs that have not been collected are deleted after one week. Managing and monitoring the printer fleet is much easier, because with TA Cockpit® Sedus Stoll can keep an eye on all the devices at both sites at all times, and even the toner is automatically reordered. “We have a much better SAP connection and the service is still very good,” says Fiebiger and finishes by summing up: “We are all extremely satisfied.”

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