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Education on the path to digitisation

The Association for the Promotion of Vocational Education e. V. (VFB) has chosen to work with TA Triumph-Adler on everything from printing systems to the digitisation and automation of internal processes using an ECM system. Why? Because this enables the VFB to devote even more attention to its educational programmes. The rest runs by itself.

From business administration to commercial specialist and trainer courses, the portfolio of training and further education courses offered by the Association for the Promotion of Vocational Education (VFB) is very wide-ranging. The Association has been offering practical Chamber of Commerce and Industry courses and other training courses for more than 3,000 participants every year in Ludwigsburg and Böblingen for more than 40 years. Demand is high.

In 2017, the steadily growing organisation decided to reorganise its document management system, from the hardware of the printing systems used to a professional ECM solution. The goal was to ensure faster, more efficient processes, greater transparency, improved reliability and better cost control. “First of all, as an educational institution, our print volume is very large and we were dissatisfied with our previous service provider in that regard. We were also looking for someone who could support us with a professional ECM solution to digitise and automate our internal processes,” explains Andreas Knödler, Commercial Director of the educational institution. More specifically, this included implementing audit-proof digital invoice verification and processing, digital contract management and setting up a digital personnel file. The VFB obtained quotations from various service providers and decided to enter into a partnership with TA Triumph-Adler.

Hardware check: three new multifunctional systems, TA Cockpit® and aQrate

TA Triumph-Adler designed an individual solution for the VFB as part of an as-is analysis. In terms of hardware, this involved introducing three new multifunctional systems as well as the asset and system management system TA Cockpit® and the Follow2Print solution aQrate. “The multifunction devices have been running like clockwork for years, despite our high print volume, and we have just extended the contract by four years,” says Knödler. TA Cockpit® provides the Association with a perfect overview of the systems in use. The Follow2Print solution aQrate also allows users to place print orders from anywhere, which is particularly helpful for freelance instructors. “Two staff members are on hand to prepare the printouts for the participants,” says Knödler. At the same time, aQrate ensures maximum transparency, since the software makes it possible to check at any time who is printing how much and when.

The ECM system: comprehensive automation of all processes

The next step was to develop a new ECM system for digitising and automating internal processes. Once again, the project started with a comprehensive analysis of the current situation: “We looked at what processes are in place and how they work, which software providers we are already working with and what the needs of our employees are,” reports Knödler. Work was done with all stakeholders to standardise and organise the internal processes. When it came to implementing these changes, TA Triumph-Adler adapted the ECM system to meet the customer's specific needs and requirements. “The challenge here was to create interfaces in consultation with our existing partners in order to enable the customer to work efficiently and without barriers. I am delighted that we managed to do this so successfully,” declares Michael von Büren, Solution Sales Manager at TA Triumph-Adler. “From invoice workflow to contract management to the digitisation and archiving of personnel files and payrolls, we have implemented the ECM system step by step,” says Knödler.
The verdict here is likewise positive: “The new ECM system has made our administrative work much more efficient, resulting in massively reduced processing times,” reports Knödler. “We don't have to search around for invoices or contracts anymore, everything can be found instantly - and regardless of where I am.” He adds that the streamlined processes will, among other things, ensure faster communication with course participants, lecturers and staff, and that documents will be stored in a legally compliant manner. “For us, the partnership has improved many things,” Knödler sums up.

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