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ECM systems

ECM systems capture, manage and store digital documents. Tailor-made workflows direct the documents through the system almost completely automatically. In ECM systems - the abbreviation stands for Enterprise Content Management - all documents can be accessed at any time. Furthermore, users always know where a document is on its journey through the company. The fact that data can also be accessed when working from home makes ECM systems even more appealing. “Digitised business processes are the new norm,” says Daniel Wagenführer, General Manager at TA Triumph-Adler.

ECM systems can be completely customised to meet individual requirements. Alternatively, standardised modules can be optimised to meet specific needs. TA Triumph-Adler offers both approaches. You can find out more about this in our white paper ECM - How to digitise your business processes.

Your ECM – integrated or in the cloud?

Document management systems that are integrated into the company’s own IT systems provide the backbone for digital personnel files. The experts speak of what they call on-prem solutions: the ECM system is located on the actual premises. TA Triumph-Adler offers this ECM variant with the integrated ECM Personnel module developed by enaio: tailored workflows guide documents through the system with as much automation as desired.

Would you like to make use of these advantages without burdening your IT department with additional work? If so, yuuvis® RAD as a Service is the perfect solution for you. It is based on the ECM software yuuvis® RAD developed by Optimal Systems. You can use our yuuvis® RAD as a Service solution to move your document management to the cloud. It gives you all the advantages of an ECM solution without having to worry about the technology. In fact, the opposite is true: updates and patches are applied automatically without you having to bother with them.

Attention! Please note that our product demonstration is only available within Germany.

ECM: Getting started with a pilot project

The unique feature of ECM systems is their modular design. Companies do not have to digitise all their processes at once, but can start with a pilot project and then gradually introduce digital workflows for other tasks as well. We will present the most important modules here:

Digital accounting

Missed a payment deadline? Wasted a discount opportunity? Misplaced an invoice? The ECM module for digital invoice checking and processing can prevent all of these problems. It does this by shortening the paths for approval and payment.

Digital personnel files

Access your employees’ references, certificates or target agreements at the touch of a button. The digital personnel file also aids you in searching for notice periods or salary overviews. This saves you time for more important things.

Digital contract management

A wide variety of contracts are created, managed, corrected and searched for in companies every day. Digital contract management allows for a quick overview and reminds you of deadlines in good time. It’s no surprise that this ECM solution is becoming more and more popular.

Digital project files

Projects are becoming more complex - and so is the way they are documented. Digital project files ensure transparency and help to keep up the pace with resubmission, deadline management and many other features.

Digital supplier files

Which order was paid for, delivered, completed or disputed? The digital supplier file as an ECM module displays an overview of all order processes, including all the details, and so makes purchasing processes much more efficient.

Digital vehicle files

Smart fleet managers prefer to use digital vehicle files in an ECM solution instead of paper ones. This makes sure that all documents are filed in the correct place automatically. This provides clarity and transparency.

Digital healthcare files

Dedication to people, not forms: The digital healthcare file from TA Triumph-Adler - an app that is perfectly tailored to the needs and requirements of the industry - improves the lives of carers and those being cared for.

ECM white paper

Would you like to learn more about digital document management and electronic workflows? Then download our whitepaper “ECM - How to digitise your business processes”!

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Our ECM white paper

You want to learn more about digital document management and electronic workflows? Download our whitepaper "ECM - How to digitise your business processes"!