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TA Mobile Data Capture

Things start to get complicated as soon as someone picks up a pen. Handwritten records and digital processes do not go well together. That’s a fact. But it’s also something that TA Mobile Data Capture can change. It has never been so easy to capture handwritten minutes, forms or contracts in digital form. All the relevant information can be entered quickly and easily using an ePen or tablet pen.

Hospitals, for example, benefit from this when admitting patients, insurers when taking notes of counselling sessions, car rental companies when documenting damage, hoteliers with questionnaires on customer satisfaction and logistics companies when recording inventories or when acknowledging incoming goods. What was initially recorded by hand can be scanned electronically in an instant and then stored and edited.

As the graphic shows, there are two different methods for digitising handwritten documents:

  1. The documents can be filled out by using an ePen as a kind of digital biro, which scans and stores the data using an infrared camera and sensor.
  2. On a tablet, the information is entered using a tablet pen or virtual keyboard. The documents can be directly and correctly assigned using the integrated dot matrix, for example to a customer file or a delivery note.

Contracts and forms can be signed electronically using TA Mobile Data Capture. Signatures made by ePen or tablet pen are legally binding. An advanced electronic signature is created from the digital signature in accordance with the EU Signature Directive.

The benefits of TA Mobile Data Capture:

  • Mobile: Convenient input via ePen and tablet is possible everywhere.
  • Efficient: Internal work processes are accelerated and simplified.
  • Secure: Data transfers are protected and signatures are legally binding.
  • Saves time and money: Since the documents are directly available in digital form, they do not have to be scanned in separately.

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