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TABO, the TA Business Optimizer

TABO offers a straightforward entry into the world of digital document capture and management. TABO stands for TA Business Optimizer and is a server software solution that stores all documents centrally. Users can access it via software client. This makes working with contracts as well as personnel, customer and supplier files much more efficient and, moreover, compliant with the GDPR.
You can even increase the high TABO standard by upgrading to TABO Professional and customising the system to your specific needs and wishes. This is made possible by a large number of add-on modules that make handling data and documents even more convenient.
Both TABO versions concentrate on the most important daily administrative tasks in order to save time and reduce costs. Five supplementary apps are available to make work easier, depending on your needs and the sector you are in. They focus on:

  • Contracts
  • Personnel
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Healthcare

Each of the five apps offers important features that will make your office processes much leaner.

1. TABO Contract files

  • Information on contractual partners and terms as well as creation of subject-specific subfolders
  • Simple import of contracts through defined scanning processes
  • Digital documents are allocated to digital files using drag & drop
  • Filing of emails and attachments
  • Full contract history displayed at the click of a mouse

2. TABO Personnel files

  • Automatic creation of subfolders, e.g. for further training, sick leave, social security
  • Management of personnel documents with clear role management
  • Subject-specific overviews and masks, e.g. general wall calendar, overview of meetings and sickness notifications

3. TABO Customer files

  • Several list views available that are useful for different departments
  • Additional subfolders can be created for each customer and project
  • More transparency thanks to a consistent 360-degree customer view

4. TABO Supplier files

  • Creation of subfolders, for example for archiving all correspondence
  • Various list views available, for example all open or returned orders.
  • Quick status overview thanks to four clear criteria assignments per order (paid, delivered, completed, complaint)

5. TABO Healthcare files

  • Users can keep an eye on all relevant patient data and can access all the necessary information for planning procedures as well as for healthcare invoicing.
  • Clearly defined access rights for all the individuals involved in patient care guarantee data security.
  • Keywords can be used to search for specific documents, which saves a lot of time.
  • All information is sorted and presented clearly, even if it comes from different sources.

The upgrade: TABO Professional
The five apps are available for both TABO Basic and TABO Professional. The upgrade offers a few more modules and options:

  • Option for multiple clients
  • Mobile & web App
  • Storage connection
  • Advanced workflows (Umlaufmappe Pro)

With TABO Professional, it is generally possible to customise all of the required features, for example with an upstream classification solution or a master data connection. Yet customisation is never an end in itself - instead it makes processes as convenient and efficient as possible. This leaves more working time for the really important tasks.

Five FAQs about TABO

  1. Does TABO offer an automated and integrated backup procedure?
    TABO can automatically create daily backups of all the components and the managed information using your network drive. The system also stores the backups from the previous three days.
  2. Is TABO updated regularly?
    We usually deliver an updated package of all TABO modules and components every month. This includes updated versions of all the software components and documentation. The new versions contain implemented customer requirements (change requests), stabilisations and bug fixes.
  3. Can TABO notify me of new tasks by email?
    You can indeed set up an email notification in addition to the internal reminder and notification feature.
  4. Can I search the contents of email attachments using the full text?
    Yes. However, the email attachments that are fed into the system must be in a searchable format.
  5. Does TABO support automated document data imports?
    The system has its own module to support importing stock or document records. This module allows you to transfer existing documents via a configured input directory. This method allows for the option of transferring metadata via the file name or by means of an individual description file, which can also be imported. Documents can be sorted into central folders or directly into subject files within the system.

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