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DMS solutions

Document management systems, or DMS for short, help to get rid of mountains of paper. Endless metres of files on shelves are instead stored digitally to conserve space. A mouse click replaces the need to pick up a physical file when it comes to making alterations. A logical folder structure ensures quick and direct access. Finding has replaced searching.

DMS solutions handle the creation, capturing, filing, distribution, versioning and storage of documents, which are ultimately archived in an audit-compliant manner. The DMS software makes it possible to see at any time where each document is and who has worked on it so far. All documents are assigned to categories and keyworded so that they are easy to find.

DMS solutions therefore provide an overview of all documents and their current status. They also offer workflows that follow documents along every step of their digital journey. Where the document is at any given moment and what the next step should be is clear at all times.

TA Triumph-Adler’s DMS solutions

TA Triumph-Adler offers three efficient DMS solutions. They differ in how and where the data is stored.


Servers are also required for TABO (TA Business Optimisers), which store all documents centrally and which users access through a software client. The TABO software is therefore installed on each user's computer. Workflows and other settings can easily be customised with an upgrade to TABO Professional.

The 4 benefits of DMS solutions

  1. Save time
    The DMS solutions developed by TA Triumph-Adler automatically import documents straight to the right place. Anyone who needs the document in question is notified automatically. When a user is looking for something particular, they can quickly find documents and information by means of a full-text search with filtering and sorting options.
  2. Gain independence
    All stored documents are available for all authorised employees to access at any time. DMS systems allow access not only from a company computer, but also from a personal laptop, tablet or smartphone. This means that documents can also be accessed from the home office or while on the move.
  3. Secure archiving
    Digital documents can be altered. This can cause problems if the original version is required. That is why DMS solutions save both the original version and each intermediate step as well as archiving every version. This audit-compliant archiving meets the requirements of the GoBD and GDPR.
  4. Reduce costs
    An obvious advantage of our DMS solutions is that when everything is processed and stored in digital form, the costs for paper, printers and toner automatically decrease. In-house correspondence goes virtual and floating files go digital. This not only saves money, but also helps the environment.

The advantages at a glance

  • Simple conversion from analogue to digital
  • Shortened document turnaround times
  • All documents are archived in an audit-compliant manner
  • Manageable investment costs
  • Standardised workflows ensure transparency

While the workflows for DMS solutions are standardised, they can be individually tailored for ECM systems. These systems offer the same services as DMS solutions and, on top of that, largely automated workflows that are made-to-measure for each client. This allows for even more convenient and efficient processes.

If you want to familiarise yourself with the advantages and functions of digital document management first, you can download the free white paper "DMS - One small step in technology, one giant leap for your business" here.

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