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It’s up to you: carbon-neutral printing or operation

TA Triumph-Adler offers an energy-saving and therefore resource-saving solution in the form of carbon-neutral printing operation:
  1. Carbon-neutral printing includes the CO2 emissions for printing, copying, faxing and scanning and, in addition, the CO2 emissions generated by the use (electricity, toner, paper) of your printing systems are included in the calculation.  
  2. With carbon-neutral operations, you can claim CO2 offsets for one maintenance service per calendar year and shipping (from Asia to Europe as well as within Germany) during the term of the contract. This would also make your servicing carbon-neutral.
Any amounts raised through carbon offsetting are invested in one of the climate protection projects selected by TA Triumph-Adler. All these projects have been awarded the Gold Standard, an independent quality standard that takes into account not only reductions in CO2 emissions but also improvements in the living conditions of local people.

In return, you will receive a certificate and a “carbon-neutral” label from our partner ClimatePartner.

Climate protection choices

The climate protection projects are managed by ClimatePartner, a provider of climate protection solutions for companies. TA Triumph-Adler has selected three of the projects managed by ClimatePartner for our customers to get involved with:

Improved power supply and sustainable development in Maharashtra, India

Protecting the last mountain gorillas in Virunga National Park in the Congo

Once any of these projects have been completed, TA Triumph-Adler will work with ClimatePartner to select another climate protection project.