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TA Cloud Print and Scan

More and more companies realise that their data is more convenient, cheaper and even safer kept in the cloud. Now they can also send print and scan jobs via cloud: TA Cloud Print and Scan allows location-independent printing and scanning. The advantage of the solution is the high security standard: jobs are managed centrally in the cloud and processed in encrypted form. Printing only takes place when the employee has authenticated himself or herself directly at the multifunction printer (MFP) with a card, user name and password or PIN. This prevents printouts from falling into wrong hands.

TA Cloud Print and Scan can be used immediately. "Why install it?" asks Olaf Stammer, Head of Solution and Service Portfolio Management at TA Triumph-Adler. "It's all ready to go - just sign up!" TA Triumph-Adler as provider makes the account available, customers can get started immediately. TA Cloud Print and Scan is intuitive to use and of course complies with the requirements of the EU-wide General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Trust in the cloud

The new offering from TA Triumph-Adler is ideally suited at a time when the biggest reservations about clouds have been dispelled. "How secure is my data in the cloud?" is the question asked by many companies. Surprising answer: probably safer than on their own servers. The world's highest security standards apply in cloud data centres, which is the only way to build the necessary trust.

Once this trust is established, the advantages of the cloud become obvious. The in-house IT department is relieved, no own print server is needed and security issues can be delegated. Another advantage: the investment costs are extremely manageable.

The bonus: Follow2Print

We do not want to forget to mention one attractive advantage of TA Cloud Print and Scan: the use of the Follow2Print function. It ensures that print jobs are held until the employees have identified themselves as authorised at the multifunction printer. Scanning to the cloud includes a job list, which ensures transparency and traceability.

By the way: if you don't want your scanned and print-ready documents to be in the cloud, you can configure TA Cloud Print and Scan so that the jobs, but not the documents themselves, run via the cloud. Everything works!

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Printing and scanning with the cloud

Print orders from the cloud? No problem! TA Cloud Print and Scan allows you to print and scan no matter where you are, with the highest levels of security. All orders are managed centrally in the cloud and processed in encrypted form. TA Cloud Print and Scan is available for use right away - as is TA Cloud Connect. It is worth mentioning that when it comes to print orders from the cloud, Microsoft sets the standard with Universal Print, which is compatible with more and more MFPs produced by TA Triumph-Adler.

TA Cloud Print and Scan

Print orders from any location: TA Mobile Print

TA Mobile Print connects smartphones, tablets and laptops to the MFPs in the printer network. The app makes it possible to print documents that you have scanned yourself or other documents from your mobile device. TA Mobile Print also supports the Follow2Print solutions aQrate and TA Cloud Print and Scan.

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