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yuuvis® RAD as a Service

Do you want to capture, edit and manage documents in digital form, but without burdening your IT department with additional responsibilities as a result? We offer the ideal solution to achieve this: yuuvis® RAD moves your document management to the cloud. You can get started with it straight away, and don’t need to worry about anything. In its capacity as a managed services provider, TA Triumph-Adler takes care of everything that could involve effort, hassle or even problems in document management. yuuvis® RAD as a Service includes the yuuvis® RAD software developed by Optimal Systems as well as cloud services such as storage, backups and IT security - all managed by TA Triumph-Adler!

The benefits of yuuvis® RAD as a Service

  • yuuvis® RAD as a Service is a product offered by TA Triumph-Adler. It expands the yuuvis® RAD ECM system developed by Optimal Systems with additional services to turn it into a standardised package for digital document processes, which makes transitioning to the cloud easier for companies large and small.
  • Your documents are captured, edited, managed and stored in a clearly structured form. You will be able to find the particular document you need immediately.
  • Streamlined workflows increase the efficiency of your processes and ensure transparency.
  • You can access the documents whenever you need them, no matter where you are.
  • yuuvis® RAD as a Service takes less than ten minutes to install via download and is ready to use immediately.
  • Audit-compliant archiving is also perfectly possible, including on various archive media.
  • It goes without saying that Microsoft Office and Outlook can be used to access the files. Interfaces to other systems such as SAP, Datev and Microsoft Dynamics can be set up.
  • Other services can be added on at any time (and removed if they are no longer required).
  • Since the cloud provider takes over all the relevant technological tasks, the burden on your IT department is reduced. These tasks include:
    ∘   Automatic updates to the latest software version
    ∘   IT security and data privacy
  • Legal requirements are implemented and fulfilled immediately

You have an unrestricted choice of storage capacities in the cloud and can adjust them as necessary In its role as a managed services provider, TA Triumph-Adler looks after all the backups and the firewall. yuuvis® RAD as a Service allows you to use only those services in the cloud that you actually need, and to pay for only those services. This new software as a service offering reduces your IT department’s workload and makes for manageable and plannable costs.

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that we partner with a European cloud provider. This provides a guarantee of adequate data protection.
Would you like to take a look at what yuuvis® RAD as a Service can do?

Attention! Please note that our product demonstration is only available within Germany.

yuuvis® RAD as a Service: document management in the cloud

You can use our yuuvis® RAD as a Service solution to move your document management to the cloud. It gives you all the advantages of an ECM solution without having to worry about the technology. In fact, the opposite applies: updates and patches are applied automatically without you having to bother with them.

The special feature of ECM solutions is the digital workflows, which makes recording, processing and managing documents a great deal easier. They monitor the documents as they pass through all the stages of the process, from recording to editing to managing to archiving. yuuvis® RAD enables the user to see at any time how far the document has progressed on its journey, as well as the next step of the process. This saves time and money and ensures transparency.

yuuvis® RAD has workflows that are specifically tailored towards accounting, contract management and human resources. These workflows can be customised to meet a particular customer’s requirements.
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Of course, these ECM modules are not only available as cloud solutions. The ECM software can just as easily be incorporated into your IT systems, and we offer these solutions too!

However, ECM systems can be operated more conveniently – and if there is any doubt, even faster and more securely – via the cloud. That’s thanks to yuuvis® RAD as a Service.

Everything that yuuvis® RAD as a Service can do

yuuvis® RAD as a Service guarantees quick and mobile access to your entire database. You can find, edit and archive your documents flexibly and from any location at any time. yuuvis® RAD as a Service increases the efficiency of your workflows with powerful search functions and a sophisticated microservice structure. All the information that is managed in yuuvis® RAD can be archived in an audit-compliant manner on various archive media. This enables you to ensure compliance, reduce your risks and cut costs.

Usability is the key focus of yuuvis® RAD as a Service. Our responsive design and modern look & feel make the solution as easy to use as a search engine.

Thanks to the API-first philosophy of yuuvis® RAD as a Service, you can integrate almost any feature you need with open standard technologies. Access features via REST API to create a customised business logic.

Who manages my documents in the cloud? We do!

yuuvis® RAD is hosted by TA Triumph-Adler in its capacity as a system integrator on a cloud platform that can accommodate numerous integrations. Our private cloud enables us to offer you access to software collections and application programmes. We host the complete cloud environment for you, meaning you do not have to operate your own data centres or create capacity in your IT department to manage the cloud. We take care of service delivery, updates and availability for you. Security is our highest priority. yuuvis® RAD as a Service gives you the space to concentrate on your core business and innovations in your own processes. You can economise on internal and local resources and concentrate fully on your day-to-day business activities.

Last but not least, it is worth noting that the parent companies of cloud providers are often American companies, a situation which is being viewed increasingly negatively because of data privacy issues. We have therefore decided to partner with the Swiss provider Exoscale. All of the high-security data centres that we use for yuuvis® RAD as a Service are located in Europe. These data centres meet the applicable compliance requirements, including ISO 27001 and ISO 9001. These certifications relate to physical and environmental security, system availability, network and IP backbone access, service delivery and problem management.

Attention! Please note that our product demonstration is only available within Germany.