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TA Pro 15050c: postal service provider on course for inkjet success

Gast-Service GmbH in Munich has opted for the TA Pro 15050c inkjet printing system from TA Triumph-Adler. Why? The order volume of the communications and postal service provider is increasing and with it the demands on the printer fleet it uses. With the TA Pro 15050c, Gast-Service GmbH is ideally equipped for the boom in demand.

Gast-Service GmbH is a family business founded in Munich in 1987 with a focus on classic postal services and document management ( In addition to letter distribution and dialogue marketing, it also offers its medium-sized business customers a comprehensive digital communication management service. Gast-Service GmbH has firmly established itself in the market over the many years of its existence by combining a customer-oriented philosophy with an innovative vision. The Munich-based company has been growing steadily for many years and as the volume of orders increased, so did the demands on the performance of the printer fleet it uses. “In addition to classic postal services, we have specialised in handling digital communication processes and support our customers with printing and sending invoices, reminders or mailings in dialogue marketing, among other things,” explains Managing Director Ingo Gast. The annual average print volume of Gast-Service GmbH is now 11 million pages. “More and more clients are entrusting us with their communications. This means that we have an increasing demand for high-performance printing systems and a reliable partner. We need the best quality and reliable service to be able to handle the high volume of orders at all times,” says Gast.
The hybrid mail industry is switching to inkjet printing
TA Triumph-Adler has been supporting Gast-Service GmbH on its road to success for ten years now. With increasing print volumes, the printer fleet it uses has been adapted to meet the company's latest needs a total of four times. In July 2020, Gast-Service GmbH commissioned the new inkjet high-performance printing system from TA Triumph-Adler, the TA Pro 15050c, followed by the commissioning of a second machine in March 2021 - with this, the service provider switched almost entirely to digital printing: “The whole hybrid mail industry is switching to inkjet printing because of the higher performance combined with higher quality and lower costs. We chose the TA Pro 15050c from TA Triumph-Adler because it also prints in outstanding quality in colour at up to 9,000 pages per hour. Installation and the subsequent incorporation of the machines into day-to-day operations went completely smoothly,” says Ingo Gast. Since the TA Pro 15050c offers space for a total of 14,100 sheets in four trays, the paper does not run out quickly. "In addition, further processing of the paper printed using the inkjet process is much easier, because unlike the toner-based printing process, less heat is used," adds Chris Hänel, Account Manager Production Printing Region South at TA Triumph-Adler.
Fast, reliable and cost-effective: the impressive TA Pro 15050c
The high-performance system has proven its worth at Gast-Service GmbH: while printing speed has increased by 50% with the TA Pro 15050c and print quality has increased, costs have fallen. “We calculated all this precisely, of course. We are making considerable cost savings over the runtime and are much more efficient at the same time, especially when it comes to colour printing,” explains Ingo Gast. “In addition to that, it is much easier to process the inkjet-printed paper further down the line. The quality of inkjet systems is now on a par with offset printing, while at the same time they are more flexible and efficient to use than industrial printers.”

“Less heat is used than with the toner-based printing process,” explains Chris Hänel from TA Triumph-Adler. TA Triumph-Adler also excels with its professional service. “A service technician can be on site within 24 hours. For us, this is a decisive competitive factor. We have high expectations of the service and printing systems provided to us - and TA Triumph-Adler meets them in full,” concludes Ingo Gast. Soon, Gast-Service GmbH will also be using a new service solution: remote maintenance with augmented reality glasses. It will be possible to contact a TA Triumph-Adler technician through the glasses in the event of a technical problem and they will then provide support in real time using visual and verbal instructions.

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